Aubrey Newborn | New Caney Newborn Photographer

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet baby girl! She was SO good during her session and slept the whole time 🙂 We even got a smile out of her!! I’m so thankful to meet her and can’t wait to watch her grow <3
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Amber & Chris | Gender Reveal | New Caney, TX

Over the past couple of weeks, I had been hiding a huge secret from my close friends. I was the only one who knew her baby’s gender. BOY, was that a hard secret to keep! Especially since I knew it was a little GIRL! OMG A GIRL! BOWS, PINK GOLD! I wanted to scream when I found out, but had to keep my composure so no one would figure it out.

Well fast forward a week: We finally had the gender reveal party at their house! The pressure was on to keep the secret. haha! I am so happy to say I was about of this day. I loved watching everyone’s emotions as they found out what their future daughter, niece, and granddaughter was. It was definitely a moment I will never forget!

I can’t wait to meet you baby Olivia <3


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Amber & Chris | Pregnancy Annoucement | New Caney, TX

A little over a year ago, Amber trusted me to photograph her wedding, knowing I had no experience in this area. Now, I’ve known Amber for sheesh, at least 10 years now. We went to high school together and were in marching band together. She was what we called a “big sis.” She was pretty much the coolest person I know as a fish in school. Lol. Years go by, I photograph her wedding, and now I am photographing her telling Chris she is pregnant.
First off, I felt super cool. Not only did Amber trust me to keep this a secret, but I was like the first one to know for a couple days 😉
She told me a few months before that she hoped she’d be pregnant in time to tell Chris she was preggo as a gift. It worked out perfectly! We had been planning this for at least a week when we finally got Chris in front of the camera.
He just thought we were doing a Christmas session at the Tinsel Time Tree Farm in New Caney. Little did he know, he was about to find out he was a dad, and I was there to capture it all!
The best part was Amber told Chris to open this present and act surprised. But once he opened it and read the cards, the flood gates opened!
I felt very honored to be there for this moment. And I cannot wait to find out what they are having!

Congrats Amber and Chris!

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Kingwood Maternity Photographer|New Caney, TX|Maternity

To say I’ve known this couple for a few years would be a understatement. Growing up, my parents had enrolled me in Rocking Horse Daycare in Porter. Wayyyyy back when, when it was located off the feeder of 59, Rocking Horse was where I spent my summers and after school days. Correct me if i’m wrong, but I think I went to RHD for most of my child life. This is where I met David haha! I swear we watched a movie about a seal and The Little Rascals on a daily basis there.
Now, onto Amberjayy! I’d like to think we used to be super cool when we spent our Friday nights at the local roller rink, Humble Skate Center. Buying those huge dill pickels from the concession stand and wearing inline skates. Getting down to “Back streets back ALRIGHT” haha! I spent a lot of time here during the summers and so did Amber. I used to go just to hang out with our good friend Jonah Wilson. This dude right here was a wild one. He knew how to make anyone laugh, and had all the girls falling in love with him (including myself). Playing the tuba with him and Stephanie in high school, were some of my best years. It was a pleasure knowing him and I hope to one day see him again. RIP Jonah<3
In a couple weeks, I will get to meet baby Aubrey! I cannot wait to take her newborn photos! Until then, swoon over these two’s maternity photos<3
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Chelsea. This GIRL! The sweetest ever, with the most beautiful big eyes and smile that could light a room! Chelsea is a senior rep for 2015 and had a group shoot with us at the beginning of august. She just loved the experience with us that she wanted a shoot all to her self :). We started out at our little studio located in New Caney,Tx and went to a little saloon location in splendora. She had so many outfits to choose from we didn’t know where to start! She is a Varsity cheerleader for splendora high school and is also attending cosmetology school :). Thank you Chelsea for choosing us to be your photographers!

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Kingwood Maternity Session|Kingwood, TX|Kingwood Photographer

Heather’s maternity session is going to be the first blogged session in what feels like years! Brittany and I have been so busy that our blog was put on the back burner. Well guess what??! We’re back! I can’t wait to start blogging again and start sharing some of our favorites from upcoming sessions<3

The holiday season is by far the craziest time of year for photographers. Between mini sessions and trying to squeeze in every last family for Christmas photos, it’s insane! Somewhere in between all the madness, I was able to get Heather and Brandon in before their baby girl makes her arrival. They are expecting a healthy little girl named Baylor Jane in February (: I cannot wait to meet her!

I hope you enjoy these images! Feel free to leave a comment or even share this post 🙂