Houston Engagement Photographer|The Smith’s

This couple was so sweet! We met downtown yesterday evening and just clicked.Their wedding is in October on my birthday, but I can’t imagine anything else i’d love to do then take there wedding photos! It was so hot out and we sure sweated like crazy but that didn’t stop us from walking around downtown to get the perfect shot.Here is there little sneak peek2016-06-21_00012016-06-21_00022016-06-21_00032016-06-21_0004 2016-06-21_0005 2016-06-21_0006 2016-06-21_0007 2016-06-21_0008 2016-06-21_0009 2016-06-21_0010 2016-06-21_0011 2016-06-21_0012 2016-06-21_0013 2016-06-21_0014 2016-06-21_0015 2016-06-21_0016 2016-06-21_0017

Houston Newborn Photographer | LouCasey | New Caney, TX

LouCasey came to visit me only a day or two after she left the hospital. Momma wanted to get photos with Daddy before he had to go back to work. Well, I think LouCasey knew that was was Momma’s end game and that’s all we ended up getting shots of. Haha. A week later, her Momma brought her back and she slept SO good! We were able to knock out her session in just a couple of hours 🙂

If you are interested in booking a session with Graceful Wishes Photography for 2016, now is the time to book. Did you know a lot of mother’s book their newborn sessions in their 2nd trimester? My newborn sessions start at $350 and include a minimum of 20 photos. Please email me today at gracefulwishesphotography@yahoo.com while session dates are still available.

Be sure to check out my website gracefulwishesphotography.com for more information on sessions and packages, and follow me on Facebook at Graceful Wishes Photography.

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Ava Catherine | Newborn Session | Newborn | New Caney, TX

Ava is almost 2 months now and her session is still one of my favorites up to date. I love when Mom’s let me have full creative control and her Momma Kelly let me do whatever I wanted! I love all the colors we used and LOVE the mermaid outfit. (Who says girls can’t wear blue)
I always start my sessions out with parent and sibling shots. This ensures that my parents are not all sweaty and hot for their photos. It gets pretty warm in the studio during these sessions.
Ava’s big brothers were too cute for words and so easy to photograph. They were in love with their brand new sister <3 I love their family shots! They are such a beautiful family and I hope to see them again in the future!!

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Naham Newborn Session | Newborn Photographer | New Caney, TX

I can’t believe this little chunker is already 1 month old today! I had the pleasure of taking his newborn photos a couple weeks back. I just love photographing him and cannot believe his was 10lbs <3 Both of my daughters were 9-10lbs at birth and I just swoon over chunky babies!

I love the colors mom picked out and love his session. I will say he slept SO good but because he was a little bigger, he was limited on poses. I was not able to bend him because of all his chub 😉 but that’s ok because I was able to capture these moments for his family to cherish forever. Check out his chub AND his GORGEOUS curly hair!!

Please remember that I only take a certain amount of newborns a month. It is best that you book your newborn session before you are 8 months pregnant. This will ensure I have your due date available for a newborn session 🙂

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Ximena Ailyn | New Caney Newborn | Newborn Session | New Caney, TX

This family will always hold a special place in my heart. I met them a few months back when I took their family maternity photos. They told me about their journey and I could tell they were very excited about this pregnancy, but scared that they might loose her like they lost their daughter at 26 weeks. This broke my heart instantly. To see such a beautiful family struggling, made their sessions even more important to me. I wanted everything to be perfect and I wanted to deliver photos that would last a life time. Well a couple months later, and I finally got to meet Ximena. She was as beautiful as I imagined her to be. Here are some of my favorites from her newborn session 🙂

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Owen Engagements

We have been rescheduling SO many sessions lately because of this silly weather we’ve been having! But we FINALLY got to take these engagements for Mallory & Chris today and can’t wait for their wedding in September!! Here’s a little sneak peek for them from this evening 🙂

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The Paul Family|Kingwood Tx

This was possibly the sweetest family ever! The daughter Blake contacted us to put together a shoot for her mom for mothers day.Thank you for booking us for your family pictures Paul family! 2016-04-26_0013 2016-04-26_0012 2016-04-26_0011 2016-04-26_0010 2016-04-26_0009 2016-04-26_0008 2016-04-26_0007 2016-04-26_0006 2016-04-26_0005 2016-04-26_0004 2016-04-26_0003 2016-04-26_0002 2016-04-26_0001

Alejandra Maternity | Maternity | Cypress, Texas

This past week I had the pleasure of photographing this growing family’s photos. We drove a hour out just to go to these beautiful locations. And I will say, they were def worth it. Out here in Porter/Kingwood area, locations grow old, and it starts to burn us photographers out. I’d never been so excited to get home and edit a session until I saw these on my viewfinder. I literally staid up until 4AM(which isn’t the latest i’ve staid up if you know my sleep schedule lol) to edit all 50 photos from this session.
This family shared their story with me and I instantly felt a connection to them. Those moments of nervousness and insecurity went away instantly.
I cannot wait to meet the arrival of their daughter in a couple of weeks!

& umm doesn’t she look GORGEOUS in that dress?!?
She’s wearing The Audrey Gown in red by www.sewtrendyaccessories.com


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Emilee N|Huffman High School|2016

Meet Emilee! An outgoing, free spirited senior of Huffman High. She’s cheer captain of the falcon cheer leaders, And is going to be an Aggie! It was such a pleasure to take your pictures. I literally could not pick from any of the photos cause they was all beautiful! I’m so glad you chose me to take your senior pictures, Have fun in Aggieland!- Brittany

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