(Photo credit Three Little Chickadees Photography by Casey McDonald)

I N T R O D U C I N G  T H E  O N E  A N D  O N L Y  T A Y L O R:

* I married by best friend at 19
* I had my first daughter, with my best friend also at 19
* She is the one who inspired me to pick up a camera and well, here I am
* I now have TWO daughters, Lillee & Lailah
(fingers crossed one day, we will add a boy to our clan)
* My husband is CLEARLY out numbered
* I am obsessed with Mr. Pibb but will settle for Dr. Pepper
* Playing video games in my downtime means it was a good day
* Cooking, is not my thing
* Breakfast tacos are life (shout out to Freddy’s Taco Shack-Los Caporales in Porter for providing killer chorizo tacos)
* Everything is for the SNAP
* I’ve learned that the photography world is more cut throat than most think. Bye Felicia, ain’t nobody got time for that
* Harry Potter is life, I have a tattoo that just proves my obsession
* Netflix and chill is basically what I do the whole time I’m “editing”
* I’ve actually met Jose Altuve and a few other Astro’s players. I can thankfully say, they are MY clients
* If I order nachos and it has queso cheese instead of melted shredded cheese, I won’t eat it. I’m probably the ONLY person who doesn’t like queso, or ranch
* Hobby Lobby is the root of all evil (that place steals my money and makes me be crafty lol)
* I type LOL a lot and say I’m dead, I can’t even, PERF and OMG a lot
* Taco Bell can cure anything
* In 2016 I had stomach surgery and lost 100lbs. Best thing I’ve ever done
* On my husbands birthday I had to have my gallbladder removed and I’ve never lived that down
* Newborns are my passion and are SO.DANG.TRENDY.
* My girls are my life but I suck at taking their photos
* This mouth has no filter, and that’s what makes me the coolest