Molly Kirk Bridals | Moffit Oaks | Wedding | Houston Wedding Photographer

I met Molly a few months ago when I took her engagement photos with Ethan. You know how you instantly click with someone? That’s how I felt with Molly & Ethan. It’s not everyday you meet a couple  that you can 1000% be yourself around and still be able to do your job. Now a days, there are so many rules when being “professional”, and that’s one thing I love about having my own business. I get to make my own rules. Thankfully, they made my job really easy, & I basically just got to yell at them and tell Ethan to smell Molly’s hair 90% of the time. Now, this past weekend, their wedding day finally arrived! It was so beautiful & I got to work with a amazing set of vendors! Later next week I will be posting a sneak peek, but for now, I want to share Molly’s bridals!


Hair & Make Up:



Spray Tan:




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